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The primary goal of “hanging” is to stretch the suspensory ligament and thus to enlarge your genitals – a process, which can take up to a few months. In a penile surgery, the suspensory ligament is cut, which will cause the penis to descend and shift forward. Hence, the internal course of the penis is straightened out and the shape will be less bent.

With the penis hanger you will have the same effect – for less money!

In the second step, once your penis exit angle has fallen to 6 -7 o’clock and once the suspensory ligament is fully extended, you will no longer let the weights hang down to the ground, but hang sideways, over the shoulder or fulcrum in order to stretch the septum of the penis.

The extended suspensory ligament no longer distorts the traction and allows stretching the septum. Thus, the internal part of the penis can now also be extended using the penis hanger. In this step you’ll be able to enlarge your penis by additional centimeters.



1. Cut off a 35cm long and 5cm wide piece of cloth from i.e. an old T-shirt (there shouldn’t be any seams that could leave marks on the skin). The cloth now forms the first layer; the Thera-Band (about 15cm long and 4cm wide) will be the second one.


2. Starting 2cm away from the base of the penis and moving along the shaft towards the glans, wrap the cloth tightly around your penis. It shouldn’t be loose, however, don’t make it too tight. After putting on the cloth, do the same thing with the Thera-Band (should be on top of the cloth).

Make sure that the skin does not wrinkle under the cloth, otherwise you may feel a little pain/tweak once the weights are put in place.

Please note that the penis must be in a flaccid state when applying the hanger!


3. Now fasten the hanger 2cm away from the glans.

At first you will have to adjust the hanger using the nuts and wing nuts at the bottom according to your penis girth. It may take some time until you find a comfortable setup.

Make sure that the upper teeth have enough space while hanging so that you can adjust them in case the hanger starts to slip off once the weights are applied.


4. Then place the penis in the hanger and tighten the top screw slowly until the hanger cannot slip off anymore. You may pull on the hanger to check if you need to tighten it further.  


5. Make yourself comfortable and let your penis hang off a chair straight down to the floor. Usually, after 1-2 minutes of hanging, you can tighten the hanger even more since the tissue will have adapted to the pressure by then.



To see improvements quickly, you need to use the hanger every day, six sets of 20 minutes each, as the suspensory ligament needs to be stretched over and over again in order to expand it. Otherwise it will quickly go back to its original state.

Start off with 0.5kg and slowly increase the weight (+10% per week).

Increasing the weight too quickly might cause pain, because the vessels and the ligament need to get used to the weights (just as muscles need to when you lift weights at the gym).  

Use the Hanger no longer than 20 minutes to stimulate blood circulation.

In addition, you should take short breaks between sets. 

The final outcome and whether you’re able to stretch the ligament is really dependent on your motivation and endurance, as it is a lengthy process. However, after two to three months you’ll see improvements if you stay committed.