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“The penis hanger is a novel device used for penis enlargement. In contrast to other stretching devices, where only the glans is fixed and the penis is stretched in an angled way, this hanger actually fixes the whole penis.

Due to a specifically designed hanger, you can achieve an extension and enlargement of the suspensory ligament. The advantage of this novel method is that, after getting used to the device, the user himself can set his limits and can increase the weights (to up to six to eight kg) according to his tolerance and needs.

This method can be applied in a short period of time, for instance after work at home, and will still be effective. Especially in the postoperative phase after a penis enlargement surgery and after the wound healing period, I find this device to be very helpful and its use is highly recommended, since the stretching prevents the scarred tissue from growing back together in a short manner.”